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First Choice Health Massage features a highly trained group of certified massage therapists
who are dedicated to help clients to improve their health and achieve a balanced lifestyle

About First Choice Health Massage

We use natural or 100% organic powders and lubricants in our massage. All herbal aromatic oil essentials are selected by the client. We provide the complete consultancy to customize the massage session for promising results. Whether it’s rigid mobility, lasting chronic ache, osteoarthritis, postural difficulties or muscular stiffness, our therapists address all through curative massage. We are a contented name in providing deep tissue massage in Melbourne.
If you are frazzled out and need a relief from prolonged aches, come to us to reboot your body. To get tranquil relaxation, please secure your booking today! For a celestial massage experience incorporated with the expert consultancy, we are open 24/7.

Our services

At First Choice Health Massage therapists are trained in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Relaxation Massage and other advanced techniques that focus on full-body stress relief or site-specific injury prevention and recovery.
Deep Tissue

What Customers are Saying

I have been a client of First Choice Health Massage for over three years, enjoying monthly relaxation massages.
The staff is always professional. The environment is serene and relaxing.

- Marcus Smith, manager

First Choice Health Massage is privileged to offer the unparalleled services to our clients.Professional  services enclosed with outstanding efficiency and quality makes us an intelligent choice. We are a trusted name, when it comes to providing massage therapies, multiple skin treatments and medicated products. We are a holistic solution to rejuvenate your aesthetic appearance. Moreover, we provide a wide range of therapeutic remedial massage in conjunction with the Swedish manipulation. Our therapeutic bodywork strives on ousting,

  • Muscle stiffness
  • Chronic aches
  • Mental stress depositions
  • Dysfunction of the body

Our qualified practitioners design  the personalized massage sessions at a viable rate. Each session emphases on relieving you from discomfort. Our practitioner inspects infected body balance, before the remedial massage. Moreover, you are encouraged to discuss your previous conditions, as this enables us to suggest the appropriate form of massage for your needs. Tender acupressure and strokes on pressure points, emollients and music, all are enclosed into the thorough massage plan to augment the therapeutic impact. We are steeped in the geographical boundaries of Moone Ponds and Melbourne.

We suggest our clients to take remedial massage regularly. We use Swedish massage as a base for therapeutic remedial massage. With the help of multiple massage techniques we try to,

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enhance the range of motion
  • Rejuvenate the soft tissues & abnormal muscular tone
  • Release metabolic waste
  • Revitalize the nerve system & normalise sleep
  • Invigorate immune system
  • Proliferate longevity and augment deep relaxation
  • Drops the level of the cortisol and arginine vasopressin hormones.

Predominantly the therapist warms up the troubled spots with Swedish massage and gradually slips to therapeutic remedial massage. Swedish massage is an art to relaxing the whole body. Our therapist buffs the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood streaming to the heart. Swedish manipulation strives on kneading, deep circular pressure and percussions like tapping, stretching and bending.These movements alleviate dysfunction of the body through lymphatic drainage for substantial relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage

In this massage, we treat the chronic aches mostly of a muscular type, impelled by the distresses of modern life for profound relaxation. Our therapist focuses on the innermost layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer around joints, bones and muscles) for getting the prime level of relaxation. We never use vigor pressure onto the muscle. We exactly know, where to draw a line between the congenial discharge of tension and a pain blocking response from the body.

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Stress Relief Massage

Just the way machine needs to stay lubricated similarly, your body also needs to stay lubricated to perform fine. We understand that the contemporary life is taking the toll on the mental health.


Stress relief massage could be the serene remedy to reboot your body.We offer stress relief massage in unification with therapeutic and Swedish manipulation techniques. Few of our signature combination massages are,

  • Stress relief massage in combination with deep tissue manipulation
  • Stress relief massage in combination with Myotherapy
  • Stress relief massage in combination with aromatic manipulation and much more

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Full Body Massage

We combine multiple therapeutic whole body massage techniques such as

  • Hot Stone Massage technique,
  • Deep Muscle massage technique
  • Cranial Sacral techniques and much more.

These therapeutic massage techniques are a miraculous art to fortify not just the body, but the mind as well. Each whole body massage technique fuels an experience of a lifetime. For keen acumen on the Whole body massage please browse here

Sports Massage

A sports  person goes through rigor wear and tear of the joints and muscles. A preventive care can do miracles in this regard. We embark on non-surgical spine and sports injuries with the unification of therapeutic remedial massage and Myotherapy (SLM) for invincible treatment. We are expert in handling sports injuries of specific conditions affecting ankle, wrist, hip, shoulder,  mid back, neck and lower back.  Pain relieving massage is a key to subside the sports injuries.

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Life is better! Massage makes it great!

We use high quality aromatic herbal oils to unwind the stored tension and impurities of the body. We are customer centric to the core. All herbal infused emollients are selected by the client prior to the session. Our team of professionals provides the complete consultancy on health massage service to augment the results. We don’t rush the treatment. Each massage session lasts for minimum 30 minutes generally. Please crawl our website to have a profound acumen about our service.

Phone: 03 9913 5643
Melbourne, Austrailia

Open 7day a week

Summer time 10am till 10pm| All other time 10am till 9pm