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First choice health massage provides the relaxing deep tissue massage in conjunction with the Swedish massage to uphold deep relaxation & relief. Our massage therapists strive on offering the finest personalized therapeutic plans to cater your needs. They embark on the management of muscle dysfunction to restore and maintain the soft tissues of the body. Prior to a massage session, our therapist comprehensively inspects your body to discover the infected balance. For precision,  You are welcome to discuss your previous conditions and troubled body spots.

We use swedish massage as a foundation for the deep tissue massage to drive the lasting relief from chronic ache. Primarily the therapist warms up the aching spots with Swedish massage and gently slips into the deep tissue massage. Swedish massage techniques encompass circular penetrating pressure on the muscles. Our therapist applies percussion-like tapping, stretching and bending with kneading motions. We use premium aromatic essential lubricants to diminish friction and to drill aromatherapy advantages in the massage.
45-minute Swedish massage considerably reduces the level of the cortisol and arginine vasopressin hormones, which augments the stress hormone across the body. This also multiplies the amount of lymphocytes for healthier immune system. In this technique, we apply 5 core sequences of stretched yet sliding strokes. The 5 crucial strokes are petrissage, effleurage, friction, vibration and tapotement.

Effleurage Strokes
In effleurage strokes, our therapist use elongated rolling strokes to apply the aromatic oils and hence to embark on the muscle tone.

Petrissage Strokes

In petrissage, we use the kneading stroke to lift and squeeze the tissue. This helps in discharging toxins from the muscles. Moreover, it flushes the uric acids, lactic acids and other sort of metabolic wastes out of the muscular tissues.

Friction Strokes

In friction, we use a series of strokes that includes firm tiny movements to warm up the troubled area. This helps to increase the blood flow and loose the ligaments.

Tapotement Strokes

In tapotement, we use sequence of light blows to the body aimed to ease a muscle. This stroke mirrors karate chops.

Vibration strokes

In Vibration, we use a stroke to form a movement in the whole body

We suggest our customers to take deep tissue massage periodically. This helps them to diminish chronic ache, predominantly of a muscular sort and incited by the traumas of modern life. In deep tissue massage, our therapist addresses the deeper layer of the muscles and fascia by using a sequence of tender yet detailed strokes. They never apply vigor pressure onto the muscle. They precisely know, where to draw a line between the congenial discharge of tension and a pain blocking response from the body. Slightly penetrating rubs, warm aromatic lubricants, music enveloped with expert deep tissue massage techniques are exactly, what we offer. All integers are pooled together to dispense the massage of a lifetime.
Our therapist applies deep tissue techniques and focuses on the innermost layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer around joints, bones and muscles). This enables our therapist to embark on the deep layers of the muscles for getting the prime level of relaxation. We advise the clients to drink sufficient amount of water to flush the metabolic waste out of the muscular tissues to avert discomfort the following day. Any discomfort you do encounter after deep tissue massage will be reduced within a day or so. Our clients often named it a worthy pain and results often produce lasting relief of ache and discomfort. Our therapist applies penetrating strokes that are irregular yet synchronized sequence of moves. This empowers them to go beneath the connective tissues aiming to break old structural patterns and allows the considerable flow of oxygen and nutrients in the blood. This liberal flow of oxygen and nutrients in the blood is the key to eliminate adhesions, diminish the muscular congestion and much more.
We use meticulously natural and 100% organic oil and powders in deep tissue massages. All herbal aromatic oils are chosen by the clients before the session. We are a caring massage brand. Get enlightened with our consultancy to device the tailor made massage session. Our practitioners address all muscular dysfunction through remedial massage. We are well known in providing therapeutic deep tissue massage in Moonee Ponds.
For keen acumen on our services portfolio, please crawl our website. What are you waiting for? Secure your booking with us for a relieving massage experience with an expert consultancy.

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