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A vibrant nervous system is a core of overall health. At First Choice Massage, that’s precisely what we will ease you with. We treat non-surgical spine and sports injuries with the amalgamation of therapeutic remedial massage and Myotherapy (SLM) for unbeatable treatment. We are professionals in handling sports injuries of particular conditions affecting ankle, wrist, hip, shoulder, mid back, neck and lower back. We also offer consultancy on

  • Remedial exercises
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Lifestyle advice

This helps in augmenting the outcomes of a therapeutic remedial massage. Witness professional services encased with alluring ambiance to cure chronic joint and muscle dysfunction. Whether you embark on general fitness or an athlete, we suggest you to visit us for preventive care at-least once a month.

We are a contented name in providing  remedial Sports massage in Melbourne. We are unceasingly refining our therapeutic sports massage protocols in order to augment brilliance in sports massage care.


We look into the details of injuries to enable you getting back into the ground with a boom. An athlete goes through severe wear and tear of the muscles and joints, a preventive care can do miracles. With regular and cohesive therapeutic remedial massage, we try to keep the spine and joints aligned to hinder inflammation and dislocation. Pain relieving massage is a holistic solution to subside the sports injuries.

At our massage center, we use techniques of myotherapy to cure troubled muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. Before the therapeutic remedial massage, the Myotherapist inspect the reflexes troubled muscles and joints hypertonicities . This comprehensive  checkup helps us identify the myofascial. The Myotherapist may route you to another healthcare consultant for further treatment or diagnosis, dependant upon your medical condition. You are encouraged to discuss your medical history and troubled body spots along with medicines you are currently taking for precision in the treatment. We have certified Myotherapist in place.

Myotherapy can do wonders if, hit on the pressure points with care. This enhances length & function of the muscular system to clutch the therapeutic remedial massage longer and quicker within the scarcer sessions. We are using this ancient bodywork with remedial massage to treat the athletic injuries. The most common kinds of  sports injuries are,

  • Persistent tingling and numbness
  • Exhaustion
  • Sprain or sciatica
  • Limited joint mobility
  • Sore spots

This muscular and joint imbalance is usually because of poor posture and over-exertion, which lead to dislocation and inflammation of dics and joints.



Our therapists use the range of  Myotherapy techniques to restore proper functioning of the soft tissue structures (fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons). Therapist use hands, elbow or fingers to compress, knead and stroke, in order to alleviate sports injury to restore the body balance. Any painful and misaligned joints are then treated with remedial massage. We use gentle strokes and specific spinal adjustments to reorient your spine alignment and function well.  An athlete needs a little more when it comes to nutrients than others.  We suggest some warm up exercises and personalized nutritional diet as a part of the preventive care plan.

We don’t rush massage and spend hands-on time on your treatment. Each massage session lasts for 45 minutes usually. For inquiries or appointments, please feel free to call. Or crawl our website to have an acute insight  about our service.

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