Whole Body Massage

At First Choice Health Massage, we provide a range of therapeutic whole body massage in concurrence with the Swedish massage. Our therapeutic massage endeavors on ousting,

  • Muscle stiffness
  • Chronic aches
  • Mental depositions
  • Dysfunction of the body

Our trained therapists maneuver the customized massage sessions at a reasonable price. Each session focuses on relieving you from discomfort. Our therapist examines your body’s infected balance, prior to whole body massage. Moreover, you are encouraged to discuss your previous medical conditions, this empowers us to specify the suitable form of massage for your needs. Gentle kneading and strokes on pressure points, lubricants and music, all are encased into the detailed massage plan to enhance the therapeutic impact.

We suggest our clients to take whole body massage regularly. We use Swedish massage as base for whole body massage. Predominantly the therapist warms up the troubled spots with Swedish massage and slowly dive into whole body massage. Swedish massage is a bodywork to relax the whole body. Our therapist rubs the muscles with elongated sliding strokes in the direction of blood flowing to the heart. Swedish massage embark on deep circular pressure, kneading and percussions like stretching, bending and tapping.These movements such as strokes, rubbing and kneading eradicate dysfunction of body through lymphatic drainage for deep relaxation.

We incorporate multiple therapeutic whole body massage techniques such as Hot Stone Massage technique, Deep Muscle massage technique and Cranial Sacral techniques and much more. These therapeutic massage techniques are a miraculous art to fortify not just the body, but the mind as well. Each whole body massage technique fuels an experience of a lifetime. Signature Swedish massage can adapt many foams such as lubricant body massage or lubricant free body massage. Our Massage style is designed to resonate your needs to restore the body balance.


In deep muscle therapy, we combine a personalized whole-body massage with cooling and thermal techniques. Using the correct technique  for chronic ache is a skill demanding task. If the chronic ache has inflammation, we apply ice therapy. Extreme cold reduces blood movement to the troubled spot and limits swelling. In case of heat exposure to such chronic aches, it augments more pain when blood vessels get dilated. We embark on three significant areas  in deep muscle technique such as,

  • Legs/Feet
  • Back/Neck
  • Hands/Arms

therapeutic whole body massage

With Cranial sacral technique, we embark on a tender, non-invasive kind of bodywork that caters the bones of the spinal column, sacrum and head. The idea is to discharge firmness in those areas which augment pain and stress. This enables us to


  • Reinstate the usual position of the bones
  • Reduce stress from chronic pain
  • Relief from neck and back pain, migraine headaches, temporomandibular joint disorder and much more.


We use aromatic herbal oils to unwind the stored tension and impurities of the body by instigating the blood flow and lymph fluid. The combination of

  • Herbal infused aromatic lubricants
  • Gentle strokes on pressure points
  • Relaxing session in the state of the art steam chamber

Helps in releasing toxins, hence makes this massage a refreshing experience. Our Therapists work on the meridians with medicated organic oils to treat discomfort. This enables the organism to get nutrient material from inside the body and discharge toxins to support therapeutic whole body massage. We are a contented name in Whole body massage-Moonee Ponds. Service quality enclosed with the tranquil environment, that’s exactly what we offer.

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