Deep Tissue Massage

First Choice Health Massage is contented to offer the tranquil deep tissue massage to our clients in Melbourne. Our skilled practitioners have carved out customized therapeutic plans to accommodate your requirements. Before embarking on massage session, our practitioners profoundly examine your body to find out the infected balance. For precision, You are encouraged to discuss your troubled body spots and previous conditions. This massage is ideal for treating:
Chronic strain
Postural misalignment
Muscular pain and spasms
Sports injuries
Rejuvenate the tissues
Even to instigate inner peace and relaxation

We use swedish massage and deep tissue massage in conjunction with each other to uphold deep relaxation and relief. Firstly the therapist warms up the troubled spot with Swedish massage and gently drifts to deep tissue massage. Swedish massage techniques entails circular firm pressure on the muscles. Our therapist use kneading motions and percussion like stretching, bending and tapping. We use finest aromatic essential oil to reduce friction and to instill aromatherapy benefits in the massage.

45-minute Swedish massage significantly diminishes the level of the cortisol and arginine vasopressin hormones, which flairs the strain hormone across the body. This also proliferates the amount of lymphocytes for better immune system.

In this technique we use 5 primary sequances of elongated yet sliding strokes. The 5 crusial strokes are petrissge, effleurage, friction, vibration and tapotement.

We recommend our customers to take deep tissue massage recurrently. This helps them to reduce chronic pain, primarily of a muscular type, roused by the traumas of modern life. In deep tissue massage our therapist addresses the deeper layer of the muscles and fascia by using a series of gentle yet specific strokes. They never apply vigor pressure onto the muscle. They exactly know, where to draw a line between the congenial discharge of tension and a pain blocking response from the body. Marginally intense rubs, warm aromatic oil, music enclosed with skilled deep tissue massage techniques, is precisely what we offer. All integers are pooled together to dispense the massage of a lifetime.
Our therapist applies deep tissue techniques with the emphasis on the innermost layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer around joints, bones and muscles). This permits our therapist to embark on the deep layers of the muscles for accomplishing the prime level of relaxation. We suggest the clients to drink ample amount of water to flush the metabolic waste out of the tissues to prevent discomfort the following day. Any discomfort you do encounter after deep tissue massage will be diminished within a day or so. Our clients often named it a pleasurable pain and results often produce lasting relief of ache and discomfort. Our therapist uses penetrating strokes that are non recurring yet harmonized sequence of moves. This permits them to go underneath the connective tissues aiming to break old structural patterns and empowers the substantial flow of oxygen and nutrients in the blood. This liberal flow of oxygen and nutrients in the blood is the key to eradicate adhesions, reduce the muscular congestion and much more.

We use natural or 100% organic powders and lubricants in our massage. All herbal aromatic oil essentials are selected by the client. We provide the complete consultancy to customize the massage session for promising results. Whether it’s rigid mobility, lasting chronic ache, osteoarthritis, postural difficulties or muscular stiffness, our therapists address all through curative massage. We are a contented name in providing deep tissue massage in Melbourne.
If you are frazzled out and need a relief from prolonged aches, come to us to reboot your body. To get tranquil relaxation, please secure your booking today! For a celestial massage experience incorporated with the expert consultancy, we are open 24/7.

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