Stress Relief Full Body Massage

Life is better! Massage makes it great!

First Choice Massage, provides stress relief massage in conjunction with multiple manipulation techniques to uphold deep relaxation. Our massage therapists endeavor on providing the premium tailored therapeutic plans to accommodate your requirements.  This helps us to ease out strain deposition, centered in the  whole body. We use organic lubricants in amalgamation of numerous therapeutic massages for profound serenity. Moreover, we are customer centric to the core and suggest all skin type friendly herbal oils to soothe or nourish the inflamed skin.

We strive on stress relief massage to release muscular knots and stress for a considerable sense of relaxation mainly through physical manipulation.

We recommend our clients to take stree relief massage periodically. Just like the machine, your body also requires to be oiled to perform well. We comprehend that the contemporary life is taking the clang on the mental well being. Unlimited personal compulsion, high-stress employments, money apprehensions and much more, leaves you torn and tattered. Stress relief massage could be the idyllic remedy to reboot your body.

From sliding strokes, fragrant oil, to music and channeled meditation, all enclosed with tailored services, we are the central to get it all in single go. This enables to amplify the therapeutic impact of your stress relief massage. We are a contented name in providing stress relief massage in Moonee Ponds.


We offer stress relief massage in amalgamation with therapeutic and Swedish manipulation techniques. Few of our signature combination massages are,

  • Stress relief massage in combination with deep tissue manipulation
  • Stress relief massage in combination with Myotherapy
  • Stress relief massage in combination with aromatic manipulation and much more

Stress Relief In Combination With Deep Tissue Manipulation

In stress relief  massage in combination with the deep tissue manipulation, our practitioners focus on the inmost layer of the muscle tissue fascia and tendons. Mild yet thorough strokes empower us to drop the level of the cortisol  and arginine vasopressin hormones. These are liable for intensifying the stress hormone throughout the body. Furthermore, we strive on breaking the muscle knots to restore the body balance. All integers are pooled together to proliferate massage of a lifetime.

Stress Relief In Combination With Aromatic Manipulation

Our signature stress relief massage combines the Swedish  Manipulation and Aromatherapy. This empowers us  to relax the troubled areas for deep relaxation. Our therapists warm up the stressed deposited area with Swedish stroke manipulation and progressively moves to deep tissue framework. This  art embraces circular probing compression and kneading strokes on the muscles. Our therapists apply percussion-like bending, stretching and tapping with acupressure movements. We use 100% warm organic oils to diminish roughness and to impart the aromatherapy advantages in the message.

Stress Relief In Combination With Myotherapy


At our massage center, we use techniques of Myotherapy to augment the deep relaxation. We have qualified Myotherapist in place. We strive on the pressure points to eliminate strain. Our therapists use fingers, hands and elbow to compressed knead and stroke. This enhances length & function of the muscular system to hold the impact of stress relief massage longer and reinstate the body balance.

We welcome you to relax & relish some indulged pampering at first choice massage. All herbal fragrant lubricants are selected by the client before to the session. We don’t believe in  swirling manipulations and devote hands-on time. Every massage session lasts for minimum 30 minutes usually. Please crawl our website to have a profound acumen about our service. To secure an appointment or further info, feel free to contact us.

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